Our Story

Our Story

About Louie: 

Chef Louie is a native of Jersey City, New Jersey and grew up in Passaic, New Jersey. His love of the apron stems from growing up with a father who was a chef and, while he had no academic training, he became interested in the culinary arts living in New York and in California. He owes his first fine dining experience to Michael’s Restaurant in Augusta, Georgia, where he met owner Michael who became chef Louie’s principal mentor. Louie then moved to Florida in the early nineties and started as a saucier at the famous Park Plaza Gardens restaurant in Winter Park, Florida. Soon after that, he became executive chef and honed his skills for many years.

Later on, Louie took advantage of his expertise and started specializing in medical and sports diets. He became a personal chef to a great many famous athletes such as: Ken Griffey, Jr., Shawn Kemp, Carlos Arroyo, and Dwight Howard. His skills enabled him to become a consultant to Bahama Breeze and the Darden Corporation as well as becoming the personal chef for the President and CEO of Daren Restaurants at the time, Mr. Joe Lee. His dream of owning his own restaurant and being able to have the freedom to fashion his own recipes became a reality in 2011 when he started Louie’s Bistro Food Truck.

In the midst of a culture that envisioned a hunger for a new dining experience, chef Louie became one of the pioneers of gourmet cuisine on a truck. His exceptional vision of blended cuisine, added to his meticulous touch in handcrafting his own dishes, gave him an edge and earned a fan base that is eager to follow him around Central Florida. Louie takes much pride in his cuisine, and invites you and your family to taste his masterpieces; your palate will thank you!